A Mediterranean style of eating appears more healthful than the Standard American Diet

I posted recently about how the Standard American Diet really is pretty SAD. And how our fear of fat has lead us down a path of tasteless, crappy food touted as “lite”, “diet”, and “healthy” but are really just processed gut bombs loaded with refined sugars, highly processed oils, genetically modified foods, and synthetic ingredients created in a lab, not

I am a gluten-free pancake, plantain crepe making fool…

If you know me, I can’t bake or make things like pancakes for the life of me. Or I should say, I couldn’t. I’ve been on a roll lately! I’ve made some pretty delicious sweet potato and coconut flour pancakes (the sweet potato were my favorites) and recently I just made CREPES! That’s right. Crepes. Fancy. And delicious. I got

One small change, profound (and lasting) results

One of the things that holds us back when we want to start something new or break an old habit is feeling overwhelmed by the massive changes we think they have to make right away. And all those giant, looming changes become oppressive, leading to a sort of paralysis that prevents us from even attempting the new goal, or causes us to give up on

My name is Jo. I suck at blogging cuz I’m a Big Fat Chicken

Ok, so I’ve recently realized a few things. One: I’m not a good blogger. Two: the number one reason I’m not a good blogger is because I don’t blog. Three: The reason I don’t blog is because I’m a chicken. A big fat chicken.     I started this website because I wanted to share what I’ve learned over the