Anytime Egg Recipe

Eggs are almost always on hand and make for a great meal any time of day. They’re a go to for me when I don’t have a plan for dinner or need to use up some incongruous ingredients in my fridge! This recipe is a great base that uses eggs as a foundation for a tasty meal and uses up all the leftover meats and veggies that accumulate in the fridge toward the end of the week that I don’t quite know what to do with. So before you head out to the store to replenish your stocks, make room for the groceries by cleaning out the fridge with this end-of-the-week egg bake.

And remember – this recipe is just a template! Any leftover meats, takeout, or veggies will work fabulously.


Casserole dish or other pyrex/glass cookware (any shape is fine!)

Butter, ghee, or coconut oil for greasing the casserole dish

8-12 Eggs – (casserole dishes I use 12 eggs, pie dishes I use 8)

Leftover meat or take out – about 1-2 cups and any meat will do (chicken, ground beef, steak or soaked lentils or beans)

Veggies – I always love onion and garlic and then chop up any other veggies I have in the fridge – go ahead and experiment! Zuchinni, mushrooms, broccoli, spaghetti squash – they all work.

Salt, pepper, and dried herbs – oregano, basil, and turmeric are some of my favorites

Splash of milk, cream, or water


Look at the giant yolk from Farmer Rick’s pastured eggs!




Preheat oven to 350º

Grease casserole dish

Chop up any veggies or meats you plan to use

Break eggs into a bowl

Add a couple of tablespoons of milk, cream, or water

Add salt, pepper and herbs to taste (I use about a tablespoon of oregano or basil and salt and pepper to taste or about a 1/2 Tbsp of turmeric and 1/2 Tbsp of paprika).

Whisk everything together with a fork

Pour into casserole dish

Add chopped meats and veggies and evenly distribute throughout the egg mixture**

Pop in oven for about 30-40 minutes or until a fork poked in the middle comes out cleanly and the eggs are set

**As long as the meat is cooked, you don’t have to reheat it before adding to the dish. If it isn’t cooked – brown up the meat in a skillet with some onions and garlic before adding to the eggs. Veggies can go in raw but if you prefer to brown them, you can do that, too. If I have time I’ll saute them until their crisp tender with some onion and garlic. If I’m short on time, they go in raw and still come out delicious!

This egg back was leftover ground beef, garlic and onions - yum!

This egg back was leftover ground beef, garlic and onions – yum!

My last egg bake was simply leftover ground beef, garlic, and onions with some salt, pepper, and turmeric. It turned out delicious! When I was in Michigan visiting my dad we had an abundance of fresh asparagus. I sauteed the asparagus in a little butter to make them a little more tender and added them to the eggs with some leftover venison sausage, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. It turned out great as well!

Don’t be afraid to dress up your egg bake (call it a crustless quiche!). The ground beef and onion egg bake was delicious with a little salsa, spring onion, and avocado. The second day I added chopped arugula, kalamata olives, and raw feta. The possibilities are endless!

Salsa, avocado, and scallions make this egg bake a winner!

Salsa, avocado, and scallions make this egg bake a winner!

You can’t go wrong with the basic template. Use up the rest of your eggs and whatever leftover meats and veggies you have on hand before your next shopping trip. Whisk it all up, add a little seasoning, and pop it in a 350 oven for a half hour or so. Then dress it up any way you want! Salsas, cheeses, greens, tapenades, hot sauce – all make great additions to your dish!

Have your own favorite combination? Leave it in the comments below! Or take a picture and upload it to instagram with @mycuppajo.



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