Here’s another edition of my favorite wellness tips from the web over the past week (or so) on healthy living. I try and scour the web for the good stuff so you don’t have to :)


Probiotics and the gut-brain connection…

Probiotics, like those found in fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, and sauerkraut, help us keep a healthy balance of microbes in our gut. This is important not only for our gut health, it’s also important for our metabolic health. People with healthy gut flora are less likely to be obese. Our guts also affect our mental health. The gut-brain connection is pretty amazing! ‘Our microbiome may also be key to treating everything from OCD and ADHD to  other health problems.

Eating your fruit is better than drinking fruit…

We all know that fruit is good for us, but is juice just as good for us? Not so much – BMJ published a recent article that shows that eating whole fruit, like apples and blueberries, may ward of diseases like diabetes. But drinking juice doesn’t have the same effect. This is for a number of reasons, including that the act of chewing sets off a digestive process that releases different hormones and enzymes than just swallowing liquids as well as the benefits of eating the entire fruit, including the skins, rather than just the juice from the fruit.

And when good for you fruit is maybe not so good…

People with IBS may have an intolerance to high fructose found in some fruits, like apples and pears, and are better off eating fruits lower in fructose and higher in glucose, like bananas, grapefruits, and berries. People can also have sensitivities to grains or raw veggies in conditions like IBD and GERD, too. Check out this article from US News & World Report to learn more.


 Broccoli could help fight osteoarthritis

Healthy living by eating broccoli could help fight osteoarthritis

…and berries fight heart attacks

Healthy living with blueberries - sweet treats that are good for your heart!


Strength training…

As we age, strength training becomes even more important for maintaining healthy bones and joints and preserving lean muscle mass. In women over 60, even just one day a week of aerobic and resistance training has immense benefits. If you can get in a sesh a couple times a week, even better!

And it doesn’t have to be time logged at the gym or with fancy equipment – walking and body weight workouts are great ways to get this exercise in! Another great do anywhere body weight workout, this week is  from the Greatist. Check it out here.

 and to get you through tough sessions…

A mantra can get you through those last reps or up that last hill (one of my favorites -emphatically repeating “I OWN this bitch!). Mental training can be what gives you the edge in your chosen sport or activity.

and did you know…

People who are more active have higher incomes? Perhaps another reason to get moving?


The benefits of beach days…

As summer winds down and we celebrated Labor Day I talked about the benefits of a day at the beach (or even just a few moments!). Vitamin D from the sun, minerals from the sand  and water, a breeze in your hair – not to mention relaxation and fun.  Not much beats the feeling of your toes in the sand and water lapping at your ankles. Who doesn’t love the beach?

Some time at the beach can help us restore our minds, bodies, and spirits - now that's healthy living

And travel….

According to Delivering Happiness, exploring and discovering new places, even if they’re close to home, may have huge impacts on our health and happiness. What’s your next adventure going to be?


Be present in the moment…

I also talked about taking time to savor those precious moments with our loved ones. All to often we’re in a rush to get on to the next thing on our to do list or we’re distracted by our phone, our table, the T.V., or work. Try and take a moment each day, even if its just for a few seconds, to put everything else aside and be fully present in the moment, to pay your full, undivided attention to your friends, family and pets. Take time to savor.

and volunteer…

Volunteering has been shown to have significant health benefits – from lower BMI, blood pressure, inflammation, and cholesterol to higher ratings of quality of life and happiness. Mark Sisson talks about the power of giving in his post found here.

and be a good listener…

Are you a good listener? Find out here and discover some ways you can become a better one, too.

As always – thanks for reading my post! I hope you discovered some ways of healthy living that will work for you and your loved ones.



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