Ok, so I’ve recently realized a few things. One: I’m not a good blogger. Two: the number one reason I’m not a good blogger is because I don’t blog. Three: The reason I don’t blog is because I’m a chicken. A big fat chicken.


Big fat chicken

This is me – a big fat chicken


I started this website because I wanted to share what I’ve learned over the years about health, injuries and pain, exercise, nutrition, nature, and mindfulness, to name a few, and hopefully help a couple people. I envisioned myself sharing recipes, workouts, stress management strategies, nutrition research, and all kinds of great stuff. I had started and saved dozens of posts on these topics that never got published. I was always worried that they weren’t “perfect”. They weren’t complete enough, or funny enough, or interesting enough, or useful enough, or relatable enough. So they sat there in “draft mode”, mocking me and my inability to be a freaking blogger for my own damn website.

Well folks, it’s time for this big chicken to get over it and start blogging. I know a lot of stuff. I’ve been through a lot of stuff. I’m still learning a lot of stuff.  I think this stuff can help other people. But I can’t help anyone if I don’t get the stuff out there.

So this post isn’t much. It’s going to be scary to hit “publish” because it’s not complete. It’s not perfect. There’s not any research-backed evidence in it. There’s no useful information being shared. It’s not funny.

But screw it. It’s me. And it’s a start.

Here’s to not being a big fat chicken anymore.


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