On reading (dangerously) and writing

I have been an aspiring writer for as long as I can remember. Which means that I think about writing all the time but rarely write outside of schoolwork. And when I do write, I’m mortified when anybody actually reads it. (Funny story. I began writing a novel a few years back,  I was so worried that someone would actually read this novel in

Facing My Fears: Can I Get a Do-Over?

Ok, folks. Confession time. Again. I’m still a big fat chicken when it comes to blogging. I’m still worried about pleasing everyone, still worried that the posts aren’t good enough, still worried that no one will be interested in what I’m writing about. Just worried, worried, worried. I’ve always been a worrier and a perfectionist. I’m working on it. Trying

My name is Jo. I suck at blogging cuz I’m a Big Fat Chicken

Ok, so I’ve recently realized a few things. One: I’m not a good blogger. Two: the number one reason I’m not a good blogger is because I don’t blog. Three: The reason I don’t blog is because I’m a chicken. A big fat chicken.     I started this website because I wanted to share what I’ve learned over the