Cognitive Functional Therapy with Peter O’Sullivan

I recently attended the third annual San Diego Pain Summit (I’ve been to all three!) and was fortunate to be the patient demo for Peter O’Sullivan‘s Cognitive Functional Therapy workshop. (for a review of the whole workshop, check out Diane Jacob’s post.) Funny thing was, heading into it I thought I was going to be the wrong kind of patient

Getting real, changing pain: how my ego held me back

Wow, weeks can fly by! I had started the first two parts of my movement repertoire series with the intention of getting parts 3 and 4 out the following week. That obviously didn’t happen. And this isn’t yet part 3 because I want to share something with you all. It’s related to everything I’ll talk about in those posts but

My name is Jo. I suck at blogging cuz I’m a Big Fat Chicken

Ok, so I’ve recently realized a few things. One: I’m not a good blogger. Two: the number one reason I’m not a good blogger is because I don’t blog. Three: The reason I don’t blog is because I’m a chicken. A big fat chicken.     I started this website because I wanted to share what I’ve learned over the