Breaking my silence on racism and antiracism

I originally wrote this post in my hiking journal, and decided to make a blog post of it. I’ve added some links throughout and at the end. I edited it a bit, I’m happy to share the rest with anyone who is interested and wants to have an uncomfortable yet honest conversation. I know this is imperfect, because I am

Shame, resentment, hurt, and pain

At my first ever Writer’s Camp this summer we were given a writing prompt about shame. Shame is a tough thing to write about. It’s something I’ve wanted to write about for quite a while, but I’ve been ashamed to. It’s hard to be that vulnerable, that bare. It’s hard to let the world see into those deep dark places.

Changing pain: reaching out to patients, healthcare providers, and pain practitioners

I have had a lot of interactions with folks over the past couple of weeks about the changes that need to take place, and that are taking place, in the treatment and management of chronic pain and I’m ecstatic! I’ve heard amazing stories from people who are successfully managing their pain and truly LIVING their lives. I’ve also heard stories