Can’t Stop Talking About It

Thank you so much for coming yesterday and giving your pain presentation. All of our staff loved it and found it so informative. We have been discussing it all morning! I really appreciate the time you spent creating the presentation and sharing it with us. We are looking forward to using all that information to help out our clients. Mary

Strong Background

Joletta brings to her profession a lot of bright ideas and a strong background of experience. As a former emergency services first responder, I am aware of the pressures and physical challenges faced by firefighters, police and our military personnel; therefore Joletta’s acquaintance was a pleasure because her knowledge in the field is vast. I fully recommend her services to


I am really impressed with Joletta and her ability to communicate, plan, and make a difference in the fitness, readiness, and overall quality of life of the men and women whom she works with. Dr. Vincent Bellonzi, Wellness Advisor, Pure Health Design

Well Informed and Thoughtful

Joletta is well informed and thoughtful. Her commitment to providing services and programs that have impact is to be commended. I support and recommend her. Melissa Tobler, Health Strategies-National Practice Leader, Hays Companies

Passion and Energy

Joletta brings a passion and energy to her work that exemplifies the spirit of wellness. I have truly gained through her professionalism, knowledge and skills. Thanks Joletta for being you. Be Well. William Baum, Wellness Officer, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Problem Solver

I have had the pleasure to serve with Joletta at the OCFA…She is a problem solver and a tireless worker. A collateral benefit for me was that I also was able to capitalize on her passion for fitness and healthy living. If Joletta says she can do something, you can count on it. Rick Robinson, Retired Division Chief, OCFA

Unsurpassed Knowledge and Expertise

Joletta’s knowledge and expertise in the field of injury prevention and physical training strategies is unsurpassed . She is highly motivated, well educated and extremely thorough in her approach to developing the programs necessary in the individual and /or team setting. She is highly competent, extremely professional and well received by peers and subordinates alike. Leilani Duncan, Lieutenant, Miami-Dade Fire

Unique Blend

Joletta brought a unique blend of passion, humor, knowledge, and compassion to her role here at the OCFA. Her understanding of health and fitness is nothing short of amazing, and she has a great ability to motivate and get people to think….and to COMMIT….to a healthier lifestyle. I can’t say enough about Joletta. Ryan Turner, Senior Fire Communications Supervisor, OCFA