If you know me, I can’t bake or make things like pancakes for the life of me. Or I should say, I couldn’t. I’ve been on a roll lately! I’ve made some pretty delicious sweet potato and coconut flour pancakes (the sweet potato were my favorites) and recently I just made CREPES! That’s right. Crepes. Fancy. And delicious.

I got the recipe for plantain crepes from The Paleo Mom, one of my favorite bloggers. She’s a trained neuroscientist turned stay at home mom who bases all of her writing (even her recipes!) in research-backed SCIENCE (I f’n love science!). She also developed the paleo auto-immune protocol; her recent book, The Paleo Approach, is fantastic and I highly recommend it for anyone who has auto-immune issues, food sensitivities, or just wants to know more about how to best nourish their bodies and minds.

Following her blog helped me deal with my own gut issues (I can’t eat gluten and have some other food cross-sensitivities as well), especially after my gnarly GI illness last year that wiped me out for weeks and led to a series of unpleasant doctor’s visits. And I’ve already loaned her book out and believe it is INVALUABLE reading for anyone that wants to know the “whys” and not just the “hows” of how food can help you flourish (or, conversely, contribute to disease, discomfort, or less vitality).

Back to the crepes.

Plantain crepes topped with yogurt and berries

They’re super simple and super delicious. And actually pretty fast to make. And I flipped them WITH NO PROBLEM, even though I don’t have a fancy crepe pan or crepe maker. These are going to be a staple weekend breakfast at our house as both John and I LOVED them.

And did I mention they’re simple? And, of course, gluten-free. And delicious.

(Seriously, Jo, get back to the crepes…)

I didn’t change anything from the original recipe and it turned out fantastic.

Gluten-Free, Plantain Crepe Recipe

from The Paleo Mom


1 large green plantain (about 1 cup pureed)
3 eggs
3 Tbsp water
2 Tbsp extra virgin coconut oil (+ some for frying the crepes)
1/8 tsp salt


Peel plantains and place in blender/food processor with the rest of the ingredients.

(tips on peeling plaintains: quarter first, then peel. Check out Sarah’s video on how here).

Puree for about 2 minutes. It should be completely smooth and look like batter.

Heat a crepe maker, crepe pan, omelet pan, or any old pan (I just used a skillet) over medium to medium-high heat.


Add 1 tsp of coconut oil to the pan for each crepe – it should be just enough to coat the pan and prevent the crepe from sticking but not too much to prevent you from swirling the batter around to make your crepe.

Add 3-4 Tbsp of batter (I used a 1/4 cup ladle) to the pan and immediately hold the pan up over the element while you swirl/angle the pan so that the batter spreads out into a uniform circle.

If you have a crepe pan or crepe maker (you fancy), use the spreader to spread out the batter or follow the directions.

Cook each crepe for 45-75 seconds on the first side, or until the top looks dry, and then flip and cook for another 15-30 seconds on the second side, or until it looks done.

Add more coconut oil to the pan and repeat with the remaining batter.


Then eat however you prefer your crepes!

Make them sweet by adding some fruit, yogurt, and sprinkled cinnamon. Or just top with butter, cinnamon, and some berries.

Make them savory with sautéed veggies and scrambled eggs or diced meat.

For mine, I topped with some almond butter and bananas and they were fantastic.

Or get super fancy and make your own paleo nutella. Sarah has a paleo recipe for that as well! (I’m telling you, she’s fantastic).

Plantain Crepes with Paleo Nutella from the Paleo Mom

Photo courtesy of The Paleo Mom

Paleo Nutella Recipe

from The Paleo Mom


1 cup unsalted hazelnuts (also called filberts)
3 oz bittersweet chocolate (you could use anywhere between 70% and 85%)
2 Tbsp extra virgin coconut oil


Blend hazelnuts in food processor or blender for 2-3 minutes or until it becomes a paste.

Melt chocolate and coconut oil together (you can use a small saucepan over low heat or your microwave).

I personally like to make my own double boiler for melting chocolate – one larger pan of water brought to a boil on the stove a smaller pot sitting in it with the chocolate and coconut oil (I do the same thing when I make my chocolate barks, too).

Add warm chocolate to the hazelnut paste still in the blender or food processor and blend an additional 2-3 minutes until completely smooth (or whatever consistency you prefer)

Eat now or store for later:

Let cool to store (can be stored at room temperature for up to a few days or in the refrigerator for a few months) or spread it warm over your crepes!

Want to see the original recipe and check or check out The Paleo Mom’s site? Follow this link here.

note: The FDC wants to make sure you know if you purchase anything through the Amazon links, I will receive a small commission. I don’t post the links for this purpose, though, I only post them to show you what products I use!


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